IP Searches

Maxwells will help you through the processes required to register, investigate, protect, validate, enforce, identify, watch and manage your intellectual property assets and rights; here in Australia and internationally.

Through various searches they can identify current “state of the art”, get relevant information e.g. the owner, applicant, inventor, establish any liability or infringements pending, and much more.

These searches and watches should commence in the early stages of research and development and carry on throughout the life cycle of your patent, trade mark, design, copyright or works.

Maxwells can also help you identify potential partners and competitors, providing you with advice, guidance and relevant agreements to ensure financial security and protect you against infringements, oppositions and exploitation.

At Maxwells our watch services include:
  • Infringement activity
  • Technology activity
Once all the relevant and important information has been collated, Maxwells professionals can advise you:
  1. On how your applications for filing will need to be completed
  2. How to challenge what has been discovered in the searches
  3. What the next step is
  4. What relevant documentation you need